Pink Shirts & Pariahs: Anti-Bullying Discourse in the CMHR

By Jade DeFehr*


The popular anti-bullying campaign, Pink Shirt Day, has spread throughout Canadian schools over the past decade, with students and teachers collectively wearing pink one day a year. I propose that we shift our language and approach from anti-bullying to anti-oppression in order to expose the intimate effects of power relations and to uproot the multiple, intersecting dynamics that often lead to bullying. 

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Sound Credits
Voice: Jade DeFehr

  • “backgroundmusic1.wav” by Julia Dyck.
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Image credit
This image, taken by Jade DeFehr, is of the “Leading a Colourful Campaign” exhibit in the gallery Actions Count.

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*Imagined, designed, recorded, and edited by Jade DeFehr. Mastered by Julia Dyck.